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Which API endpoint do I use to add an user?
Write an internal report for the top 5 customers.
Summarize all mentions of our drug from these papers.
How did revenue in 2022 compare to 2021?
Duet is the next-generation of business intelligence and data visualization. Unlock the magic of GPT and other large language models applied to your specific data. It's a beautifully simple, way for Ops, PMs, Execs, etc to spin up self-service internal data tools while data engineers save countless hours with a powerful AI copilot. Turbo-charge your data-driven decisions across the company.
Use Cases
Load in unstructured documents from arbitrary sources. Answer questions, write summarizes, extract data, generate reports... all in an elegant chat interface.
Connect structured data from CSVs or SQL Databases. Add new columns, classify rows, generate clusters, and perform other operations at will directly on the data.
Use AI to automatically generate beautiful visualizations from your data. Focus on the work that matters and rely on your AI copilot to create your charts & dashboards.
Share your creations directly with your teammates with one click. Host chat bots, real-time visualizations, and other interactive widgets specific to your data.
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Beautifully simple internal AI tools